Strategic Radio Communication for Development (STRADCOM)


Project Duration

2006 - 2011


Strategic Radio Communication for Development (STRADCOM), a five-year project funded by USAID/US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), supports the Tanzanian Government’s fight against HIV/AIDS by providing high quality radio programming to the public. Led by CCP, in partnership with Media for Development International (MFDI), STRADCOM combines best practices and innovative radio programming on HIV/AIDS while developing collaborative relationships with government agencies, other USG PEPFAR partners, and international and local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) working in HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.


  • Wahapahapa (The people from right here): a 30-minute weekly radio serial drama using music and drama to model behavior along four major HIV/AIDS related storylines. Now on ten radio stations starting its third annual season.

  • Co-producing weekly radio magazine programs using diaries of people living with AIDS, news items, expert interviews, phone in and text messages. Providing capacity building and training to 15 radio stations across the country.

  • In collaboration with prevention partners producing public service announcements as a component of campaigns addressing abstinence, faithfulness, condoms and voluntary counseling and -esting.

  • Leading the development of a highly acclaimed campaign on discouraging cross-generational sex. Using a fictitious cartoon character called “Fataki” or “explosion”.

  • Providing video infomercials on treatment for Counseling and Treatment Center waiting rooms.

  • Produced and distributed through the public and private sectors eight music videos on various HIV/AIDS BCC messages including testing, PMTCT, adult child communication and faithfulness. Songs have appeared on Top Ten music charts.

  • Produced and distributed in partnership with other prevention partners a multi-media discussion kit addressing issues such as cross generational sex, faithfulness, alcohol misuse, adult child communication, stigma and discrimination.

  • Produced a Kiswahili website for Wahapahapa and other STRADCOM programs. Includes links to other popular Kiswahili websites, contests and social media links.